"You might be very good at what you do, but how good are you at business?"

What We Do

Put simply, we work with you to help you develop the business you want, in a way that suits you.

The service focuses on you and your business. We don’t interfere or advise or criticise – we don’t have any emotional investment as a friend or family member might so can be objective and supportive rather than emotive and maybe even critical. We offer an affordable support service that adds value to your business by telephone or Skype coaching sessions – unless you live locally when we can arrange to meet face to face should you prefer.

Whether you want a one-off coaching session to help you think through some business ideas, objectively, or to help you create your business plan? Maybe help you to set goals which you can work towards over the coming months, and hold you accountable to them? Perhaps to write a job description or help you recruit a great team? People management skills or assertive communication to help with a challenging client – or the confidence to tackle a difficult situation that has cropped up? Maybe you would prefer an ongoing coaching relationship that can help you devise a plan and then support you to see it through? Help you to recruit & train staff? Develop leadership skills? Create a brand? Develop a better social media presence? Feel more confident and assertive in working on your business rather than in it? Perhaps you are a vet with excellent skills and knowledge but need to recruit and train customer facing staff? All these options are available to you with a professional, experienced, qualified canine business coach on your side.

As a business owner or sole trader it can feel very lonely sometimes – don’t waste time and energy going around in circles – let’s talk it through, agree a goal and create a plan to achieve it!

Andrea has been involved in helping business people develop for 24 years – running group workshops, seminars, working with people one to one. Consulting, coaching, training and developing literally hundreds of individuals to raise their game and improve their results. During 2017 Andrea will be delivering seminars and workshops at various locations throughout the UK, specifically aimed at helping dog professionals develop their business. Please subscribe to our newsletter if you want to be kept informed – places on the workshops will be limited to ensure every individual gets maximum benefit.