"You might be very good at what you do, but how good are you at business?"

Stand Out Success

As we are typically working longer hours, as a nation, and people are travelling further for work than we traditionally did, the demand for domestic services continues to increase and with around 48% of UK homes having a pet, services like dog walking, pet visits, pet sitting are in demand. However, this is not an open invitation for anyone who loves animals and has some spare time to set themselves up in business! To build a reputable, sustainable, successful business takes more than just that, especially in a market where new businesses are popping up every day.
To most pet owners, their pets are as important, if not more so, than their children so choosing the right pet business to care for their pets in their absence is critical. If you want to be seen as the first choice for them, you’ll need to make sure you are recognised as being first choice amongst a busy field of competitors – this is where it is important for any business to have a strong brand, reputation and presence in their chosen area. This will depend very much on the demands and demographics of your geographical market and your pricing strategy should also reflect this. Don’t think that marketing is flyers, a note in the post office and a hoodie with your name on – if you really want to stand out and be the pet person of choice, you’ll need a much better strategy than that! Indeed the reliance on such services is growing, but so are the number of businesses offering such services – be the stand out success in our field – but you must first choose your field carefully 😉