"You might be very good at what you do, but how good are you at business?"

Keep on keeping on …

Sometimes it’s a rocky old road and you’ll get irritating then painful gravel in your shoe and maybe a boggy patch that will make progress slow. Sometimes the road will go uphill, requiring more effort and determination, and then it may run down again, giving you a boost and taking the pressure off a little. Sometimes it will wind around a bend and you’ll just not know what is coming next, whilst other times you might think you have a clear way ahead and suddenly from nowhere you are caught unawares. Life’s like that.
My experience tells me if you keep your mind focused on the destination and just keep putting one foot in front of the other, you’ll nail it. You might need to find support in the form of a personal cheerleader or adjust your goal as things change, it might just be a question of accepting that the up’s and down’s will happen, and there may well be challenges along the way. Sometimes you will have to go two steps back before you can go forward again, or you might even need to pause for a rest and regroup, but knowing what you want and reminding yourself why you want it will help on those days. Keep facing forward, keep putting one foot in front of the other, keep on keeping on!
Bon voyage!

If you could use a coach to be your personal cheerleader, I’d be happy to have a chat to discuss how I can support you on that road. I’ve walked a few of those roads myself and helped others on their journey too over the last 18 years – maybe I am just the companion you need for your current route.