"You might be very good at what you do, but how good are you at business?"

How to not be an “also ran” …

When I was a lad, there was no such thing as doggy daycare or dog walkers – your dog got walked by the family and stayed at home all day chewing wallpaper while you were out at work, and I am not that ancient so things have moved on very quickly in a short space of time. What is also growing at an incredible rate are the number of new “businesses” opening in this arena – and I have to say, not all qualified, competent or capable at giving dogs the highest standard of care, in my opinion! I’ve heard some horror stories of certain “dog care professionals” that certainly wouldn’t meet my standards for my own dogs, and I’m not sure they even meet the DEFRA ones, but hey, that’s another story for another day! My point is this – in an ever growing market, with ever increasing competitors (by the way, Joe Public can’t always distinguish between the good, the bad and the downright ugly, so just because they are getting custom doesn’t mean they are GOOD!) – but back to my current tale – ever growing market, ever increasing competition, how do you make sure you get the business you want and are seen as the true professional in your field?
Well, you can always slag off the competition (NOT recommended) or you can sabotage the competition (also NOT recommended) or you can ignore the competition and just do your own thing (NOT recommended so much) or you can stalk the competition so that you know exactly what they are doing and how to beat them at their own game (thankfully also NOT recommended) ….. OR you can do some competitor research, desk and field, and create a marketing strategy that clearly presents you to your chosen clientele as the professional of choice. Now that IS recommended! This is all part of working smarter and not harder – intelligent activity rather than headless chicken – productive rather than just active. Lots of clients tell me how they have spent a lot of time, money and effort to market themselves but to no avail – limited results, limited return on investment – generally because they have been busy “doing stuff” – activity does not always equal productivity – you’ve heard of busy fools? If you are serious about building a SUSTAINABLE business then this really is one of the key foundation stones – intelligent activity to generate worthwhile results – but with a plan! Shout if I can help you stand out and not be seen as an “also ran” 