"You might be very good at what you do, but how good are you at business?"


If you are going to work with someone on something as important as your business, you will want to know a bit more about them I suspect? Here are a few excerpts from Testimonials from recent clients. Please feel free to ask for more details should you wish?


“My small dog grooming business recently caught the eye of some investors and I have been involved in discussions and negotiations for several months now. I was desperately in need of a fresh set of eyes and Andrea seemed like the perfect solution. And she was!

Andrea listened attentively when I described the complex situation and quickly made me realise that I still had a lot of questions to ask and other scenarios to consider. I realised that I had spent the last few weeks in a bubble; focusing on all of the glorious things I was being offered and had neglected to consider how a third party could dramatically change how I run my business in the long run.

Thanks to our conversation, I have now opened up a new discussion with the investors and this, in turn, has forced them to look at other options that might be more manageable both financially and logistically. Challenging them in this way has also perhaps made them realise that I am not willing to sacrifice my business (and my sanity) for the extra funds and that I am also looking for a sustainable and enjoyable situation in the long term.

Hopefully I will achieve a scenario that I am happy with and I can only thank Andrea’s wise words for helping me along the way. “


“Although I have run my own successful dog training and behaviour business for more years than I care to remember, it was really helpful to have a coaching conversation with Andrea at The Canine Business Coach. She had some useful suggestions and by suggesting some ideas I had already had myself on my plans for my business going forward, gave me further clarity. She also had some excellent, simple suggestions that I implemented whilst I was speaking with her! I would recommend her services to both new and existing canine businesses.”


‘The Canine Business Coach’s service is excellent. After my first coaching session I felt very positive – and excited about what the future will hold for me and my business. I have been running my own business now for around 4 years and nothing much had really changed since I set the business up. You could say I was rather stuck in a rut …. and needed motivating! Andrea was able to help me see clearly where I want my business to go and how to achieve that.”


“Andrea at CBC helped me to rearrange my priorities to make more efficient use of my time in order to achieve my new goals. Andrea’s knowledge and expertise in this area is second to none and that is evident in her confident, efficient and practical manner. I look forward to working with The Canine Business Coach again in the future!”


“I recently had my first coaching session with Andrea from The Canine Business Coach, I have been running a dog training business for a little while more as a hobby than a business, however I have recently decided that I would like to make this my sole source of income.

My session with Andrea was to help me focus on this and prepare my business plan and streamline ideas to make this more of a reality.

Andrea give me a refreshed motivation, channelled my ideas and nudged me where needed to get me on the right track, her enthusiasm for working with businesses who work with dogs is great, it’s a subject close to her heart as it is mine, which means she is well placed to help people trying to make a living in the pet services industry, using all her previous business coaching knowledge.”


“Andrea is professional and personable with a great balance of passion for her role and also desire to help other succeed.

The follow up email from the meeting was sent promptly, and contained easy to follow notes and bullet points from the meeting with actions and plans of how to move forward.

I am already looking forward to moving my business on to the next level with Andrea’s amazing support, and I look forward to my next coaching session with her, I can highly recommend the services of The Canine Business Coach, in fact it’s a must if you are looking to take your canine business to the next level!”