"You might be very good at what you do, but how good are you at business?"

How We Add Value

You are often working alone with great ideas but nobody to discuss them with – or perhaps totally confident in what you do but unsure of how to package it, price it, promote it. You are probably an expert in your area with qualifications or experience or great skills to offer, but how do you go about finding the RIGHT customers? Quite simply, we add value by being there for you and through our strong commercial and performance coaching background, help you move your business forward and achieve the goals you want to achieve.

We have no personal agenda, no emotional investment, no axe to grind or bubble to burst – just offering you the opportunity to have a skilled and qualified development professional on your side who would be your very best cheerleader and sounding board.

Confidential, no judgement, no criticism, no hassle – totally focused on you and your business and add value by helping you find a way to do what you do, but even better! 

Sometimes people find themselves stuck in a rut or going round and round the same circle – sometimes frustrated spending lots of time on something that would be a simple 5 minute job for someone else – we add value to your business by offering our skill and expertise to complement yours. Either a one off coaching session to help you through a sticky patch or an ongoing coaching package to help you develop your business.

Often people have studied hard and qualified in their chosen field, but the course of studying they did hasn’t prepared them sufficiently for running a business and making a living. It may well have referred to the importance of marketing, social media, branding etc but how much did it really get into the nitty gritty of building, developing, maintaining and growing a great business?

With a no nonsense, practical, pragmatic and challenging approach, your business coach brings experience in creating a business from scratch, hiring and firing, people management, employment law, exhibitions, advertising, marketing, social media and sales to the table. Someone who is qualified in HR and has worked with literally hundreds of people in performance and business coaching – all at a very affordable and cost effective price.

We will also be offering workshops and seminars throughout the year to help you develop your business further, focusing on areas such as :-

  • The 3 things clients look for – always.
  • Helping people buy from you
  • Developing your Marketing Mix
  • Making the most of time
  • Business Building Blocks
  • How to hire and fire!
  • Confident Client Conversations
  • Stress & Self Management Techniques
  • Service Excellence

Whether you need help from a coaching, consulting or training perspective – all roads lead to developing your business in the way that you want to.