"You might be very good at what you do, but how good are you at business?"

Canine Business Coach

Our business is about helping dog professionals succeed with their business.

The Canine Business Coach was created specifically to help individuals build a successful, profitable dog related business. We have come across so many people who are very skilled, talented, knowledgeable and capable in what they do with dogs, but who struggle with the business side of things.

For example, you may be a fully qualified, competent and capable behaviourist but struggle to market yourself – so how will clients find you? Perhaps you are a very skilled dog groomer, but are unsure how to charge appropriately for your service so that you make a living? Maybe a trainer with a great idea for a new class but no idea how to launch, price or market it? Or perhaps a dog walker building up a team and in need of help but no idea how to recruit, what’s involved in hiring people or even in employment law? Maybe you have a great idea for a dog related business but are unsure if you should take the plunge and although well meaning, friends and family are not really qualified to help you decide?

That’s where the Canine Business Coach service can help – objective, practical, pragmatic help from a professional business coach with over 20 years commercial experience. We will not tell you what to do, nor do we provide a counselling service – our business is to help your business by working with you as your personal business coach. We can offer single one off coaching sessions to help you create your business plan, for example, or a coaching package to catch up with you on a monthly basis and be your business sounding board? Building a successful dog business takes more than being a well qualified dog professional – as many who have tried and failed will tell you.

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